Lassoing the Clouds: Best Practices on AWS

I recently had the pleasure of speaking at Atlanta PHP and php[tek] 2017 where I presented a new talk, "Lassoing the Clouds: Best Practices on AWS."

As you might be aware, the Amazon Web Services offering is massive.  Between the details of running virtual private servers and AWS's managed services, understanding the best practices when running a production workload can be difficult to grasp.  This talk hopes to point out just a few of the key practices to ensure long-term maintainability and reliability of your infrastructure.

There are a handful of animations in the presentation itself, so I'm posting three versions of the slides below.  Enjoy!

One slide per page

One page per animation transition

One page per animation transition, with presenter notes

Speaking at Atlanta PHP, 3/6/2008!

For you Atlantans that may read my blog, I'll be speaking at this week's Atlanta PHP meetup. Specifically, I'll be presenting on "Robust Batch Processing with PHP," which I'm also slated to present at php|tek 2008 in May.

Also, special thanks to all Atlanta PHP attendees for allowing me to use them as my guinea pigs before taking new talks out to conferences. You regulars know that I've done this with other talks in the past. You're a very gracious, brave bunch, so thanks, everyone! :)

See you all there!