Principal Engineer: Back to My Roots

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After three years as VP of Engineering here at ShootProof (now Foreground), I’m finally returning to my roots. Today I rejoin my friends in the Foreground Engineering team as Principal Engineer. I’ll be focusing most of my efforts on our SaaS products, particularly ShootProof.

After the departure of our technical co-founder in early 2019, I’ve served as VP of Engineering and have taken on nearly any technical task you can imagine. This has been a hybrid role as both my original Director of Engineering title, as well as a head of many things technical. I’ve been involved in recruiting, management, infrastructure, due diligence during acquisitions, code reviews, support for our Finance department, production on-call rotation, technical strategy, containerization, and even corporate IT duties — nothing was off limits.

This has been an incredibly challenging and demanding period in my career. I’ve truly put the company’s needs ahead of my own; I’ve given 110% effort on anything the company needed from me during this time. If there was a need, I was always there to fill it to the best of my abilities.

Now that the Foreground team is so much larger, we have the luxury of allowing more people to focus. Many aspects of the VP of Engineering role are now in the hands of others who are both capable of them and can focus on them more than I’ve been able to over the past three years. I’ve been doing far too many things, arguably in a somewhat mediocre manner, for far too long.

It’s now time for me to focus on the two things that matter most: feeling fulfilled and challenged, and building great products for our customers.

I have a lot of ground to cover in a few areas, particularly catching up after our Agile transformation with Scrum in early 2019. I’m also diving in on all things front-end development by growing my experience with tools like TypeScript and React every day. I’m definitely contributing as a full-stack engineer.

Special thanks to so many of my Foreground colleagues (you all know who you are) for your patience during these past few years. Also thanks to those who have helped pave the way for me to be able to make this transition.

I’m ready to be challenged once again and am firing on all cylinders. Nothing is as gratifying for me as building products that help make our customers’ lives better. Let’s go!