Joining ShootProof

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As of today, I’m joining my friends at ShootProof as Director of Engineering.

My move to ShootProof is about getting back to what I love most: building products.  I’m looking forward to working with a small team in a nimble environment.  iOS and web development, infrastructure, technical leadership …all of my skills are going to go to good use at ShootProof.  I’m thrilled to be embarking on this journey with them.

In addition, I get the added benefit of working with some of my most favorite developers ever: Robert Swarthout and Ben Ramsey.  The three of us worked together at Schematic (now POSSIBLE) on our Atlanta-based Open Source Platforms Group team (essentially, the PHP team).  I also get to join the ranks of many others that I’m excited to work with, such as Kevin Bandy, Terry Allen, and Colin Breece.  The entire team at ShootProof is incredible – A+ players.  I’m going to learn an enormous amount from this team.

I’ve enjoyed the past two and a half years at CrowdTwist, and I believe I’ve made a positive impact on the business.  I’ve refactored some core areas of the platform, built a number of significant features, and just generally had a hand in many significant advancements during this time.  I’ve also helped grow and lead the development team in many ways.  I’ve gained so much from this experience; it’s allowed me to further my skills and career in many ways.  It’s truly been an incredible ride, and I depart very proud of what we’ve all accomplished together.

The ShootProof team is going to continue to impact the lives of photographers around the world, and I’m very proud to have a chance to make my mark.  Buckle up.