Top Ten List + CoderFaire Atlanta 2013

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Back in March, I gave a new talk at Atlanta PHP: “Top Ten List: PHP and Web Application Performance”. This talk is a culmination of my ~14 years of experience primarily as a web application developer, but also as a systems administrator / DevOps-type.  After working with PHP and web applications for so many years, I have amassed quite a few tricks for squeezing maximum performance out of web applications, PHP or otherwise. I’ll be presenting it again at CoderFaire Atlanta on April 20, 2013.  CoderFaire is organized by a fantastic crew of Cal Evans, Kathy Evans, Chris Spruck, Kevin Roberts, and Jacques Woodcock, so it’s going to be a great event. I’ve never attended a CoderFaire event before, but I’ve only heard positive things. Because it’s not limited to a single technology platform, you’re sure to meet a wide array of technical minds from all different backgrounds. I’m sure we’ll all walk away with some fresh, new ideas from this diverse crowd.

At only $50 per ticket, you’re not going to find a better deal on a technical conference this year. Register now!

As a little teaser, here are each of the 10 guests introducing the topics.  Come on out for the juicy details. Be prepared to go home, sit down, and optimize some aspects of your web application, though!  See you there.

10. Elizabeth Naramore, GitHub: Tweak your realpath cache settings 🔗

9. Scott Rocher, Tonx Coffee:  Whenever possible, use offline processing 🔗

8. Matthew Turland, Synacor: Write efficient SQL queries 🔗

7. Scott Lively, 3SI Security Systems: Don’t execute queries in loops 🔗

6. Jed Lau & Maggie Nelson, Findery: Know what your application is doing 🔗

5. Robert Swarthout, ShootProof: Use gzip compression on responses 🔗

4. Ian Myers, Findery: Do not use .htaccess files 🔗

3. Ken Macke, RockIP Networks: Cache all the data that you can 🔗

2. Davey Shafik, EngineYard: Use a content delivery network 🔗

1. Ben Ramsey, Moontoast: Use APC and set apc.stat = 0 🔗