Zend_Log_Writer_Mail: “Ready for Recommendation”

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Almost a year ago, I proposed a really simple Zend Framework module, Zend_Log_Writer_Mail. At its most basic, Zend_Log allows n number of “writers,” where a writer is something like writing to a stream, Firebug/FirePHP, etc. At the time of the original proposal, I had done a lot of work with back end batch scripts that emailed developers in the event of any severe errors (warnings, errors, etc.).

Rather than leaving this handy dandy piece of code in Schematic’s PHP code library, I abstracted out the email logging piece and proposed Zend_Log_Writer_Mail.

I’ve received a great deal of feedback, and have only recently committed myself to really pouring over that feedback to polish up the proposal. Thanks to everyone that commented!

So, as of tonight, I polished the code up, made what I felt to be the most worthwhile changes, and marked it as “Ready for Recommendation.” Glad I’ve accomplished something in 2008! Now, what about that iPhone game I was working on? :)

My next Zend Framework endeavor: proposing Zend_Cache_Profiler, ala Zend_Db_Profiler, with my ultimate goal being Zend_Cache_Profiler_Firebug …something I’ve sort of written at work, have found really handy, and think that the rest of the community could benefit from.

Maybe it’ll be done and “Ready for Recommendation” by 2010. :)