Speaking at ZendCon 2008

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Just a note that I’ll be speaking at this year’s Zend PHP Conference in Santa Clara, CA from September 15-18. This time around, I’ll be giving a new talk:

Rickroll To Go With PHP, WURFL, and Other Open Source Tools

Want to get that wallpaper on your iPhone or that Rick Astley video on your Nokia N95? In a world where mobile content is becoming more prevalent by the day, how can we enhance the experience of gathering images, audio and video for consumption on mobile devices?

Brian will demonstrate how you can leverage the Wireless Universal Resource File (WURFL), PHP, ImageMagick, ffmpeg, and other open source tools to optimize content for consumption on mobile devices.

As is my normal custom, I’ll be practicing this talk at both work and maybe even Atlanta PHP sometime. See you all in sunny California!