Robust Batch Processing with PHP (part 1.5/2)

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So, I’m beginning to take a crack at my PHP New Year’s resolutions while also making progress towards my php|tek presentation, Robust Batch Processing with PHP. My first step is proposing Zend_Log_Writer_Mail.

Now, to be fair, this module isn’t rocket science. Hell, maybe it won’t even get accepted! It is something I’ll need in preparing for my talk, though. See, my stance on batch processes is that they need to be proactive in notifying developers (or whomever) when problems occur. The best notification method, in my opinion, is by email (or SMS, for example). You know, something they’ll actually see and respond to.

In preparing for my talk, I’ve come to realize that I can’t get up there and say:

“This is the code that I’ve personally written, but have never released. My interface includes these methods, now go off and write them on your own!”

So, it behooves me to put together my batch processing code and propose it to Zend Framework, of which this module is the first step (and admittedly, the lowest hanging piece of fruit).

So hooray…it’s my first attempt at a Zend Framework module proposal, and it’s tangible progress towards my talk and spreading my vision of what “robust” batch processing is. Stay tuned to see if it gets accepted!

I’ll be writing the real part two of this blog post in the next few weeks, as I begin to wrap up my presentation and formulate complete thoughts that are organized for consumption by an audience (all two of you). :)