Accepted to speak at php|tek 2008!

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A while ago, I submitted two talks during php|tek 2008’s Call for Papers. Both talks have been accepted by the php|tek review team, and I’m more than happy to present them! php|tek will be taking place from May 20-23, 2008 in Chicago, IL. First up, I’ll be presenting “The Grown-Up Company’s Guide to Development,” which I gave back at ZendCon in October. That abstract is below:

Speaking from first-hand experience, Brian will explore how to increase quality and efficiency throughout a development team. Implementation of coding standards and code reviews will be covered, along with how to adopt a framework or toolkit and contribute to your own. Brian will also cover how to help developers avoid some of the common mistakes made during development of PHP-based web applications.

Second, I’ll be presenting a new talk entitled “Robust Batch Processing with PHP” (thoughts started in a previous blog post). This talk is born out of my experience on a project we’ve been working on at work. Its abstract is up next:

Offline processing is a common practice used in building scalable web applications. Dedicating machines to perform expensive processes, such as video transcoding, image transformation, and sending of emails, helps keep front end webserver resources available to serve requests.

How do you make developers aware of problems with these processes? How do you ensure that your batch processing system can scale to multiple machines? How do you handle failure in a responsible manner? Brian will use real-world examples while illustrating how to build a robust batch processing system.

I look forward to seeing the rest of you in May! Also on the bill are my co-workers Ben Ramsey and Maggie Nelson, so there’s going to be yet another great showing by Schematic! Until then, happy talk preparation to all presenters…