"Eyyyyyyy!": ZendCon 2007, day #1/4

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Well, ZendCon day #1 has drawn to a close. By day #1, I mean that I sat in on Sara Golemon, Wez Furlong’s, and Marcus Boerger’s tutorial on “Extending PHP.” Reading Sara’s book is one thing, but hearing it first hand from the masters themselves is another. Also, a little later in the day, my colleagues from Schematic showed up, along with some former colleagues from Community Connect Inc., so quite a good day overall.

Now I’m inspired to write an extension…what’s it gonna’ be? :)

Tomorrow at 4 PM PST: Ben “It’s An Honor” Ramsey and I speak on “Mobilizing and Sharing: How Zend Framework Builds Community for Nokia MOSH.” Good luck to us!

See you all tomorrow….