PECL extensions and me?

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So, after attending Sara Golemon, Wez Furlong, and Marcus Boerger’s talk on Extending PHP at ZendCon 2007, I’m inspired to do something with PECL extensions. That is, takeover maintenance of one, or write one from the ground up. I spent the entire flight home “porting” (if you can call it that!) some things from our Schematic library to “extensions.” That is, I wrote some basic methods in a class…and it compiled! And it worked from Userland code, too!

So, is there anything you’re dying to see made into a PHP extension? Tired of calling that command line program to do that super cool, whizz bang thing you always do? Or, tired of your favorite extension sucking horribly, wishing someone would show it some love?

If so, let me know! I’m looking for some inspiration here, ‘cause I’m not finding it just yet. Perhaps a blog post will help…for the two of you that read this thing. :)