“The Vent”: Atlanta to Brooklyn

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In Atlanta’s daily paper, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, there is a section called “The Vent.” The Vent is basically made up of maybe a dozen or so small rants and raves from locals, hence the “vent” name. I was reading through the August 3rd paper and came across this piece in “The Vent:”

“I have been banished to living in Brooklyn, and I am craving Chick-fil-A, sweet tea, hot humid steamy weather and even Spaghetti Junction. When I am released from this prison, I will be looking for a new employer and I will never, ever leave the ATL again!”

So, there you have it. An Atlanta local made the move to Brooklyn and regrets it…mightly timely if you ask me. :)

P.S.: Polishing up my Who’s Online with Memcached post soon!