Speaking at Zend PHP Conference 2007

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I’ve been accepted to speak at this year’s Zend PHP Conference in Burlingame, CA! I look forward to seeing the rest of you there! Abstract is below:

The Grown-up Company’s Guide to Development

Speaking from first-hand experience, the challenges and pitfalls of growing your dot-com into a mature software development shop, or your little agency into a multi-office organization with a large development team will be explored.

The benefits of coding standards and best practices will be touted, along with the implementation of code reviews, accountability, and the methods used to increase quality of deliverables across a software development team.

Avoiding the reinvention of the wheel leads to common code bases across projects, and the adoption/authoring of frameworks and toolkits, thus leading to a more efficient, nimble development team. Common development mistakes are eliminated with proper planning and the availability of tools allowing developers to dig deeper into their work.

Quality products and successful, on-time delivery are the end result. How can this be brought to your organization?