Taxes: check!

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So, I received my W-2 form for my taxes on Saturday. I’d received everything else in the past week or two, too. My tax guy actually died back in October, so I couldn’t go to him…but he’d caused me some problems over the years, so that’s just as well. However, my Dad has used for years now and has always had great things to say. TaxSlayer sends your tax data to the IRS electronically, AND they send summaries of W-2s and all other forms you received, so you don’t even have to mail anything in to the Federal Government or your state government! It sounded too good to be true…

So I paid the $9.95 and filed both federal and state electronically. Then I awoke this morning to a “Tax return accepted by the IRS” email…it worked! Now I should receive my federal refund by February 16th! So, my taxes will have gone from filed to refund deposited in just under two weeks! Amazing!

So, pretty wild. I’d recommend to anybody!