ZendCon: Day Two (Nov. 1)

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Well, today was day two. Highlights included Ilia’s talk on caching (clever use of output buffering, 404 error handlers, and register_shutdown_function()) and Wez’s talk on PDO. OmniTI’s happy hour was cool, along with the…uhh…very unique “Pirates By The Pool” reception from IBM. A good day overall! I’m definitely excited to dig into PDO…I’ll never have to write a database abstraction layer again! Woo!

The group from #phpc is downstairs in the bar hanging out, but the karaoke’s SO bad…I may have to skip it if the karaoke persists much later. :)

Tomorrow’s the last day, though! I leave SJC at 2:00 PM, but can hopefully catch the good stuff before leaving. It’s been a great experience, though…I’ll definitely aim to be back (and speak?) next year.