ZendCon: Day One (Oct. 31)

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Welp, day one of the Zend PHP Conference has come to a close. I met some new people today, including a handful of people from #phpc! It’s nice to be able to put faces with names when meeting people in IRC channels and such. Highlights thus far include Zeev and Andi’s state of the union, Eli White’s (of Digg.com fame) talk on scaling, the chicken wings at the reception, and just all around great talks.

I’m taking my Zend PHP 5 Certification exam at 11:00 AM PST tomorrow…woohoo! I came back up to my room tonight and took one last practice test: I scored “Excellent” on five sections, “Good” on five more, and failed XML/Web Services…big deal…I’m gonna’ pass the real thing with flying colors!

But, off to relax and perhaps sleep soon…my body’s still sort of on east coast time from what I can tell. At least going to bed by 11:00 PM will mean more sleep ahead of another 8:30 AM start time!

‘Night all…see some of you back out there tomorrow (as if anyone really reads my blog…).