Zend PHP 5 Certified!

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I’m now a Zend PHP 5 Certified as of today, but it didn’t come easily! 1:59 PM:

Dear Brian DeShong,

Thank you for taking the Zend PHP Certification exam but unfortunately you did not pass. …. Sincerely,

Dhwani Vahia

Shocked, I immediately replied because something seemed to be amiss. I studied for that thing and knocked a number of practice tests out of the park in the days leading up to the exam. I couldn’t have possibly failed!

So, after taking another practice exam (and scoring excellent on six parts, and “pass” on the other six) and emailing the screenshot to Dhwani, she said that she would regrade my exam later in the day.

So…6:31 PM:

Hi Brian,

My sincere apologies - Before regrading your exam, I checked your score. It turns out you did pass after all (your name should have appeared in the Zend Yellow Pages directory as confirmation)- you must have been sent the wrong email by accident.

I am extremely sorry for the mix up, and thanks so much for alerting me of your suspicions. I am having our technical team look into this matter, and will myself be vigilant of the automated emails that are sent out in regards to the exam.

Again, thank you so much for the alert, and I’m extremely sorry for the confusion.


So…victory is mine! Good thing I didn’t suck it up and assume that I failed. Good luck to the rest of my Schematic colleagues! They should be receiving their results in the next day or two…