Atlanta, here we come!

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This weekend, we’re going to head to Atlanta to explore the city and get the lay of the land. The company I work for, Schematic, is opening an office down there in the coming months. Personally, I’m tired of paying rent, riding the subway to work, etc., etc. I’d like to buy a house, drive to work, have a dog and so on…things that are pretty hard to come by in the boroughs of NYC. To do these things, we’d have to move to, say, Jersey, or even Westchester, and buy an old, expensive house for way more than we’d want to pay. Even saving up for the down payment would take another few years for such a house.

So, that’s where Atlanta comes in. Affordable housing, mild winters (and hot summers!), and a generally normal, enjoyable life…or so we think. We’ll find out this weekend when we spend a few days down there. We’d like to see a real estate agent just to see some houses and discuss potential areas to house hunt.

But, fingers crossed! We’ll see what our maiden voyage to Atlanta brings. We’ll be embarking on the 14 hour drive Friday morning, aiming to return Tuesday. It’s gonna’ be awesome!

UPDATE: Pictures are here.